LED - Lighting & Electronic Design


Start of Business: 1990

Incorporated: June 28, 1994 State of California

Corporate Officers:
Joe Blanchard, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing, Managing Director Email: joe@ledlinc.com

Facilities: 12,000 sq. ft. Industrial Building

Key Personnel
Natalie Cummings: Controller, Email: accounting@ledlinc.com

Lighting & Electronic Design, Inc. (Ledlinc) was founded in 1990 by Janie Lynn in Chatsworth, California. With over 30 years of experience in the low voltage lighting industry and an additional 15 years heading a major manufacturing and sales firm, Ms. Lynn brings her skill and expertise to every facet of the company. She has developed a team approach that involves every employee in an active commitment to the production and representation of quality products.

The Ledlinc Team of product consultants offers a combined total of over 70 years of experience in the lighting industry, with diversified backgrounds in areas of design, installation, sales and marketing. The Ledlinc consultant provides the expertise to ensure that the right product is chosen for the application. When this involves new product development, Ledlinc has the flexibility and "can do" attitude to make it happen.

Ledlinc, a company rich in history and innovation, truly embraced Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as a light source. The first product offered by Ledlinc was a linear L.E.D. system developed at the request of Eastman Kodak Company. Dark work areas created safety hazards, and high employee turnover. Ledlinc created a 12-volt omni directional linear lighting system with specific nM's safe in a photo-processing environment. Miles of this product have now been successfully utilized as process lighting in Kodak facilities worldwide, and we are proud to say that Kodak is still a customer.

The product line has expanded over the years to cover not only L.E.D. products (which remain our specialty), but also a variety of both incandescent and xenon systems. Applications ranging from emergency Aisle & Step lighting, Architectural Incandescent, Base, Cove & Under counter, Ceiling, Color Panels, Decorative Strings, Flexible Linear, In-Ground, Mini Path, Recessed Wall, Rigid Linear, Signage, Specialty Lamps, Spot lighting, Tube lighting, Underwater lighting, Wall Wash, Wall Mount and a full series of Controls and Power Supplies. We offer the most technologically advanced, simple to install, color changing, energy efficient lighting systems with the knowledge and history to back it up.

Competing in a business arena comprised of major worldwide companies, Ledlinc has established itself as an innovative leader, known for creativity and integrity in business. Unique new products, along with superlative customer service, in stock delivery, and warranties unsurpassed in the industry have made the name Ledlinc synonymous with design, quality, and function in low voltage and safety lighting.